Leslie at Rehab

Leslie at Rehab
Enough with the brace! Here's mah Kitteh!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Tax day gone, now the meds to go

So today was the day to go see the GP and discuss the process of getting off the heavy duty base med, Oxycontin. I agreed it was time as I no longer had pain in the leg when I hadn't recently used it. We came up with a weaning schedule that should work. Hvaing been a few hours late with a dose one night, thought I had taken it but hadn't, I know I don't want to go cold turkey on this stuff if I can avoid it.

Angela, friend and client, came and got me, then treated me to lunch at Trout's in Woodsboro. They were doing BBQ in the parking lot, apparently a warm weather tradition for them. We both had the pulled pork, chatted with the guy who does the creation of the rubs and sauces, and in general had a nice break in the day. The BBQ was good, and I had enough for another meal. I have to remember to get up there for their coleslaw though - not too sweet, or creamy, very crunchy, nice flavor and the right touch for the BBQ. I don't know if it is a one day thing or if they are doing it all weekend but they mentioned they do it roughly once a month.

Afterwards we went to CVS to fill the Rx, which we were able to wait for. Then down to Walmart to pick up milk, produce and cat food. She got a kick out of just how much of the trip was for cat food. I did splurge and get some ice cream, now I need to practice self-control and not finish it faster than the milk. :-)

The really great news, and the reason I went over all that we did in the 4.5 hours I was gone from the house. I got home and I wasn't exhausted, looking for pain meds, or otherwise regretting the length of the trip. Granted it was wheelchair based not walking. However, this was the first time I was able to be seated for that amount of time and not regret it. Next errands trip I'll throw in walking and see how I do - but that's at least a week away.

Meanwhile, the PT has been going great. My bending range of motion seems to be increasing, even the straightening may be increasing. I was able to walk up and then down my single inside step a few times. I have my list of daily exercises, did some today but not all, and am feeling the leg getting a bit stronger each day.

Now for a change of subject - got home and Guy was sitting in the window waiting for me. Got in the house and he came up and slept in my lap for the next few hours. He's been very cuddly all evening to reassure himself that I am here and the world is okay.

I put some of the real turkey down for him and he tore into it. I had ended up with walmart turkey last week and Guy let me know that is not real turkey. It made me think about the news stories about pink slime. I wonder if there is white slime and that is why you have "poultry" products which are so much less expensive than others.

So, while I'm not up to dancing just yet - can barely walk forwards, forget backwards. I am thinking it might be nice to go to a dance, say hi, listen to music and get the in person feel again. Hmmm.

I also came home to having the basement trap door looking a lot more finished. I had Woody come by yesterday and today to work on our plan. He got the flooring on yesterday and today did the drywall and worked on the pulley/rope system. With all the work Keith, Kevin, Cat, Paul, Felicia, Cam, Mark and others (apologies if I've left off your name) put in on the first floor I realized that I just needed a teensy bit more and those two rooms would be finished. It looks so like I envisioned it way back when, and is such a fantastic feeling to see it this far along. Gives me hope the house may one day be finished with major construction.

Oh well, I should really get to bed. I have either 1, 2, 3, or 4 clients stopping in tomorrow. I've managed to lose the note I was keeping. I don't think anyone was due before 1pm, but...

Today was a nice day outside of my four walls, and made me realize how much I look forward to getting out and about again, seeing all my friends, saying thank you to folks in person....

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tax Crunch Day

So, it's the 17th. Yes, I am working to get yet more returns finished. Just a quick update to say - Yay, solo trip to bathroom with walker accomplished with no mishaps. Biggest ongoing problem - making sure there is room on the twin size hospital bed for the cat. :-) So happy that is the biggest ongoing problem, and so happy to have him back with me. Thanks to all the cat care folks who did such a great job keeping him happy and healthy for all those months.