Leslie at Rehab

Leslie at Rehab
Enough with the brace! Here's mah Kitteh!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Current Frustration/Progress

So healing has been proceeding, surgeon was seen on the 16th and seems happy with progress.  We discussed how the leg is sensitive in three spots, where the screws protrude - likely to remain so.  I stated that the sensitivity was not significant enough to consider a surgery to remove the hardware, I suppose we will discuss it again in Feb at our final appointment.

Tuesday saw the PT guys, who focused on myofacial (?) release of the knee area.  At the end of it I was bending the knee 130 degrees, almost where the right knee gets, with no pain.  It was awesome.  Sadly, by the time I finished errands and got home the knee felt as swollen as before and has not really wanted to do such a deep bend again.  I go to PT again in 2 weeks and am really hoping that by then the knee will have recovered to a nice bendy move again.

As a side note, halloween costume this year - yeah, I got one.

Friday, August 31, 2012

New mower assembled and tested, #7 down

The new electric mower arrived Tuesday, I finally took the time today to unpack and assemble it, find an extension cord and give it a try.  It worked well, as did I.  I think this is #7 on my top 10 list, still not half way to recovered but making progress.  Now to start getting the non-working gas mowers to the repair shop to get an opinion on fixing vs freecycle.  I also need to pick up a longer extension cord as 50' only gets me 25' out of the garage.  Why haven't I put in an electric outlet by the front where the light switch is?  I'll just add that to the to-do list.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

No update on the Top 10, but not for lack of trying

Well, I was going to start mowing today, put on the grungy clothes, went out, filled the push mower (run it dry each year), added oil - and nothing.  I have now spent more time trying to get it to run than I had planned to spend mowing.  Shouldn't be surprised, this mower is 5 or 6 years old and that is typically when they stop running and I buy a new one.  I now have two non-running push mowers and one riding mower that needs work.  So tonight I will head out and see about buying a new push mower, and try again tomorrow.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Guy says goodbye

Today at 2:30pm Guy died.  He was well loved during his life, but over the past week he had gone downhill in his health.  He was no longer happy here and so I decided it was time to let him go.  Love is hard.

Monday, August 6, 2012

5 Waltzes on Sunday and still moving on Monday

Had a great time being the Dance Chair Minion at the FSGW Sunday Night Contra last night.  Had five great, slow, straight waltzes with partners who were ever so gentle with me.  I did put ice on the leg when I got home that night, and took some ibuprofen.  Got up Monday and while the leg was sore, and stiff, it still moved.  PT went well, they are working on periostalis (?) now, the swelling of the membrane around the bone.  I would swear when he was done today the leg felt better deep down than it has in months.  No pain meds today, probably some to sleep.

Oh and removed the just-in-case chair from the shower - number 9 on my list.

Monday, July 30, 2012

2 Contras and 2 Waltzes were 2 Much

Saturday evening was the Frederick Contra Dance, my home dance and I volunteer.  It was also Summer Tunes which meant a wall of sound to dance to.  So I did.  In the first half I danced a Contra and the Waltz, then repeated in the second half.  Went to the after dance party and was offered ice packs, which I used.  Sadly, the knee still felt as though I had pounded on it all evening when I got up Sunday.

Sunday evening I was shadowing Penelope in training for being the acting Dance Chair next Sunday.  I danced two waltzes and I suspect had my knee not been stressed from Saturday it would not be fussing at me today.

All my dances were great, with wonderful partners who really took care to be gentle with me.

And now a note from Guy, the cat:  All this dancing is getting in the way of her being present and available for me when I wish to be petted, fed fried chicken or simply wish to complain about life in general.  I really think that you folks need to limit this dancing thing, oh and that boardgaming thing as well.  I am fine, although not getting enough hand-fed fried chicken.  If you wish to visit, please bring me some fried chicken and feed it to me, you will still have one hand free to pet me after all.  And all you do with her is talk so you don't need your hands for that.

Okay, so now you know where he stands on the whole recovery process. Firmly in the middle of the forward path.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dancing was okay

Yay, I danced last night and was functional today.  I managed to meet a friend for a late lunch, then was client productive while sitting.  I also went upstairs using the left leg first.  This might just be working.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Danced tonight :-))))

Went to the English dance at the Glen Echo Town Hall tonight and danced, or at least committed a reasonable impersonation of a dancer.  Danced 6 dances, the last two in a row, and thanks to my gracious partners and fellow dancers did not throw anything to far off beat.  Felt marvelous while I was there, and hopefully the iced knee afterwards will keep it feeling decent tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July update

I saw the surgeon, Dr Nascone, on the 17th.  He seems happy with my progress.  Sadly his timeline for recovery is 6 to 12 months and he suspects I'll be on the slower side of that.  I almost agree with him after today as my knee was not happy about all the sitting and walking it was forced to do yesterday.  Hopefully it will be a bit more comfortable tomorrow and I can get back to giving it full workouts.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Top 10 Ways to Know I'm fully Recovered

10.  Able to use the bike with both legs pedaling - Accomplished on most days as of 7/12/12
9.  No longer have to plan out all the steps in getting a shower and dressed, the in-case chair gets removed - removed on 8/7/12 as it was in the way of getting a shower
8.  Able to wear jeans - can do as of 8/20/12, although tight on the knee by the end of the day
7.  Started the outside work, including mowing and weeding - started 8/31/12
6.  Good days and Bad days aren't determined by my knee
5.  A momentary pause when I stand rather than a minute
4.  Able to safely use stairs (up and down) with alternating legs
3.  Can sit and work for more than 1 hour at a time
2.  Able to schedule client appointments without thinking about my stamina
1.  Able to dance a full night's contras on time. (Yeah, I couldn't do on time before but I can try again)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

0" reached

Last Wednesday at PT, with just a bit of pressure from the therapist, my left leg went to full straight!!  Now we work on bendy stuff.

This past Monday the therapist worked on scar tissue at the kneecap and below.  Felt so weird, the swelling started that evening and went back to overstuffed sausage for Tuesday and Wednesday.  Today I got it to reduce a bit and got on the bike.

Both legs made full revolutions for 9 minutes at almost full speed for me.  Dancing can't be far behind.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Showered tonight standing up!  Also took 10 steps without a cane!!!  Tomorrow see new PT about getting leg to fully straighten and bend - probably going to be hurting tomorrow night.

Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1 and oh is this frustrating

So, here it is June 1 and I am so frustrated.  Yesterday switched internet providers and spent a good bit of the day vertical, did my exercises and then had two legs aching and paining all night long.  Various gels did little to assist in getting them to quiet, nor did muscle relaxer or pain meds.  Thus spent most of today asleep.  How is this progressing forward towards dancing again?  I so want to dance, even a slow walking waltz would be a joy.

On the plus side, I am walking better, using the cane more for stability and less for support.  I am up to six minutes on the bike, no left leg.

Friday, May 18, 2012

May 18, after the 4 month anniversary

Yes, On Monday I was back to my upbeat self, feeling as though all was possible.  Sadly on Tuesday and Wednesday I had a bug of some sort, no energy, no stamina, no appetite.  Managed to get out of bed enough to care for Guy and make sure I had water.  Thursday I say an out-patient therapist - uses laser and percussion therapy, I do the exercises at home.  We'll see how it goes, whether I improve over the coming weeks.  Today I'm feeling pretty good, did my exercises, got on the bike and worked on flexing and stamina.  Plus, weighed myself and I'm down to 190 - not recommending this as a weight-loss strategy but it is nice to know that there is a downward trend on size.  No, I don't think I'll look better smaller - I know my knee will appreciate fewer pounds pressing down on it.

Carpooling to the Friday Night Dance to listen to Swallowtail and watch the dancers.  I'll have a cane and a walker but no wheelchair this time.  Got to wean myself away from them.  Hope I don't overdue it.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

May 14th

So, yesterday was supposed to be the day I continued building on 3 days of walking, sitting, and being vertical for more time each day.  Instead at some early hour of the morning my quads and hamstrings exploded with spasms and cramps, my knee felt like it was the size of a basketball and there was no relief for hours, even with pills.  It became a misery day trying to shuffle enough to feed the cat and myself.  I tried pep talks - 12 years ago you ended up finding out who you thought you were married to wasn't and you got through that; 7 years ago you found out about lumps and breast cancer and you got through that; 3 years ago you found out about slipped disks and sciatic nerve pain and you got through that - and I learned that I am lousy at pep talks.  Instead I spent a lot of time thinking that less than four months ago I spent a delightful evening at the Baltimore Mid-Winter Ball dancing to Perpetual eMotion playing and Will Mentor calling and right now I can't bend my left leg more than ten degrees and barely shuffle and dancing seems so far away.  Yeah, sometimes life just plain f***ing sucks.
Not to worry, I'm sure by tomorrow I'll be back to my old cheerful, upbeat self, but right now I am so tired of the pain, the immobility, the frustration,.  I still sometimes dream of walking and dancing and I'm happy and then... I wake up.  Yeah - told you I suck at pep talks.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Major Progress Reported

Don't look now, mainly because it happened 2 hours ago, but Leslie walked down and back up her driveway using a cane!  She has been approved for driving next week after Wednesday.  She is gaining her mobility, can dancing be far away?  Well, yeah, considering that the walk took 20 minutes.  We are talking a really slow waltz and I'll be sitting and resting directly afterwards.  Perhaps I'll be visiting the dance and folks in the near future, ease my way back into dancing.

Monday, April 30, 2012

3 Months, 15 Days and counting

So, finally decided to do some research on tibial plateau fractures and discovered that I certainly didn't follow the standard pattern.  It is prone to becoming fractured in high speed accidents such as those associated with skiing, horse riding and certain water sports.  Note, dancing is not mentioned anywhere.  The articles also state that a displaced fracture will take months to heal with a long period of time non-weight-bearing.  As I have now been weight-bearing for 20 days I'm hoping this means I'll be back to functional soon.  I have yet to find an article that gives any specific time frame for healing, it seems very dependent upon the person and their overall health and activity level.

Realizing it has been since January 15th that I have been dealing with this I wanted to take a moment to say "Don't do this to yourself!!!!!"  I realize that accidents happen and that means we had no control over what happened, but really - all this from dipping someone?  Geeez, who would have thought.

I also have had several times to think and realize that less than one month ago I was hopping on one leg, hoping I didn't touch the other leg down in error, and waiting for when I could start weight-bearing.  It is still 3 days to go till the original date the surgeon had suggested for weight-bearing so I hope that means I am healing faster than he anticipated.  I also hope it means that I will be back to dancing soon.

I did attend the Frederick dance this past Saturday and had a marvelous waltz.  If you can get to my facebook page the video is on there, but I'm not sure how to grab a link to here.  Let's just say that waltzing with a wheelchair requires coordination and lots of friends.  It was a grand evening with an opportunity to say hi to so many of friends, to listen to the Avant Gardeners playing and Kim Forry calling, to see folks dancing - a joyous evening.

I picked up the cane at Walmart last week but felt so rotten, in an over-stuffed sausage joint way, that my PT Brandi took pity on me and we didn't use it.  Probably start with it this week.  Looking forward to the progress it means I'm making, and dreading as I feel certain the joint will regret the lesser support.

I have also been in the process of being weaned off of the Oxycontin since the 21st, and the weaning process is a very strong argument for never getting on the stuff in the first place.  About the time I start to feel as though I've adjusted to the lower dose it is time to drop the dose again.  It leaves me feeling exhausted, stuffed sausage joint, achy feeling for days.  I struggle to do my exercises, frustrated because I simply can't get the knee to flex or straighten.  Well, in about a week plus I should be off the Oxycontin altogether and have a feel for how my system really is.  That should be interesting to discover.

And with all of these self indulgent thoughts I am also reminded on a daily basis of all the wonderful people I have within my life.  I look forward to regaining my mobility and putting this into my past as an interesting path on the journey of life, one hopefully never revisited.  See you soon, I hope.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Whooping it up

Well, I would be if I weren't so darned sore and tired.  Went out today with a friend and used the walker to navigate down and then back up the steps outside.  Did use a wheelchair in Walmart - visited three out of four corners I think.  Did pick up a cane so I just know what my PT is going to have me try tomorrow.  Right now, sitting in the bed with the leg on a pillow, icepack on top; glad I made it, glad I didn't stay out any longer.  Thank you Christine for a delightful shopping trip.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Latest on the healing front

Brandi, the Physical Therapist, just left after a very good session.  Using the walker I was able to get out the door, then down the steps and out to the driveway.  Rest, and then back up the steps and into the house.  Will I do this on my own right now?  Nope, but after a few more times with her probably.  She also got my knee to 96 degrees of flex - whew.  Cannot do that one on my own, needs the extra push.  Still working on getting the leg straighter.

Yesterday I got on the scale and discovered I've lost a few more pounds, although feeling the leg muscles I think I know where most of that weight loss is.  It will come back as the leg gets stronger, and wait till I get back to dancing.  :-)

Guy has been a sweet cuddler the last few days, asking for cuddles at all hours, nay demanding them.  Sweet in the afternoon, not so much at 6am.

Sitting on the front porch outside today, knowing I got there through my own energy, felt so nice.  Feeling the leg supporting more of my weight, bending and doing more of the needed effort, all of this leads to a bit of a glow as I rest.  Looking back to January and that quick moment that led to this, the length of time to get here, the time to go till I'm back to that ability level - 2012 is going to be an interesting year.

Oh yeah, that whole cutting back on the meds thing - that means forget a good night's sleep. 

I've mentioned it before but I'll probably keep saying it until I feel I've said it enough, and some of that will have to be in person - Thank You.

I want to thank all those who've been there for me along the way.  The folks who donated funds and stuff to give me some peace of mind financially.  The folks who donated time and effort working on the house to give me a place to move back in to.  The clients who bore with me while this went on during tax season and beyond.  The folks who sent healing thoughts and prayers.  I am surrounded by wonderful people and lead a fortunate life.

I really want to thank my brother Keith, who did the lion's share of the work and all of the coordination on the house, my sister Felicia who came down twice, once for the house and once to help me settle in, my father Eldon and step-Mom Ginny who helped on the house and found the awesome porch lights, my aunt Sandy who called and sent cards to let me know I was always in her thoughts.  I have a great family!

Okay, enough mushy stuff - time to get back to work on client stuff.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Tax day gone, now the meds to go

So today was the day to go see the GP and discuss the process of getting off the heavy duty base med, Oxycontin. I agreed it was time as I no longer had pain in the leg when I hadn't recently used it. We came up with a weaning schedule that should work. Hvaing been a few hours late with a dose one night, thought I had taken it but hadn't, I know I don't want to go cold turkey on this stuff if I can avoid it.

Angela, friend and client, came and got me, then treated me to lunch at Trout's in Woodsboro. They were doing BBQ in the parking lot, apparently a warm weather tradition for them. We both had the pulled pork, chatted with the guy who does the creation of the rubs and sauces, and in general had a nice break in the day. The BBQ was good, and I had enough for another meal. I have to remember to get up there for their coleslaw though - not too sweet, or creamy, very crunchy, nice flavor and the right touch for the BBQ. I don't know if it is a one day thing or if they are doing it all weekend but they mentioned they do it roughly once a month.

Afterwards we went to CVS to fill the Rx, which we were able to wait for. Then down to Walmart to pick up milk, produce and cat food. She got a kick out of just how much of the trip was for cat food. I did splurge and get some ice cream, now I need to practice self-control and not finish it faster than the milk. :-)

The really great news, and the reason I went over all that we did in the 4.5 hours I was gone from the house. I got home and I wasn't exhausted, looking for pain meds, or otherwise regretting the length of the trip. Granted it was wheelchair based not walking. However, this was the first time I was able to be seated for that amount of time and not regret it. Next errands trip I'll throw in walking and see how I do - but that's at least a week away.

Meanwhile, the PT has been going great. My bending range of motion seems to be increasing, even the straightening may be increasing. I was able to walk up and then down my single inside step a few times. I have my list of daily exercises, did some today but not all, and am feeling the leg getting a bit stronger each day.

Now for a change of subject - got home and Guy was sitting in the window waiting for me. Got in the house and he came up and slept in my lap for the next few hours. He's been very cuddly all evening to reassure himself that I am here and the world is okay.

I put some of the real turkey down for him and he tore into it. I had ended up with walmart turkey last week and Guy let me know that is not real turkey. It made me think about the news stories about pink slime. I wonder if there is white slime and that is why you have "poultry" products which are so much less expensive than others.

So, while I'm not up to dancing just yet - can barely walk forwards, forget backwards. I am thinking it might be nice to go to a dance, say hi, listen to music and get the in person feel again. Hmmm.

I also came home to having the basement trap door looking a lot more finished. I had Woody come by yesterday and today to work on our plan. He got the flooring on yesterday and today did the drywall and worked on the pulley/rope system. With all the work Keith, Kevin, Cat, Paul, Felicia, Cam, Mark and others (apologies if I've left off your name) put in on the first floor I realized that I just needed a teensy bit more and those two rooms would be finished. It looks so like I envisioned it way back when, and is such a fantastic feeling to see it this far along. Gives me hope the house may one day be finished with major construction.

Oh well, I should really get to bed. I have either 1, 2, 3, or 4 clients stopping in tomorrow. I've managed to lose the note I was keeping. I don't think anyone was due before 1pm, but...

Today was a nice day outside of my four walls, and made me realize how much I look forward to getting out and about again, seeing all my friends, saying thank you to folks in person....

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tax Crunch Day

So, it's the 17th. Yes, I am working to get yet more returns finished. Just a quick update to say - Yay, solo trip to bathroom with walker accomplished with no mishaps. Biggest ongoing problem - making sure there is room on the twin size hospital bed for the cat. :-) So happy that is the biggest ongoing problem, and so happy to have him back with me. Thanks to all the cat care folks who did such a great job keeping him happy and healthy for all those months.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 3 of Weight Bearing Update

So, Wednesday Brandi started me on weight bearing exercise by...... Walking. Yes, that's right, using the aid of the walker I started in with walking. Let me tell you, for a study in mindfulness there is nothing like thinking through the process of taking a step. Heel down, gradually increase weight on foot as you get more of your foot on the ground, lift heel once the other heel as encountered the ground, shift weight to other foot - oh and don't forget to straighten the leg in there or you walk with a bit of hitch.

Wednesday night my leg wouldn't stop twitching as the muscles so long unused realized the easy days are over.

Thursday had some standing exercises added to increase my tolerance for weight. Brandi also gave me some tips to help decrease my surface sensitivity on the leg. Thankfully the leg no longer needed to twitch so it has already worked through use vs relax.

Friday I did my standing exercises. I had let Brandi know I was not yet ready to go for a walk, needed a few more escorted walks to gain confidence that the leg wouldn't simply give way under me.

So the question is - will I recover my walking skills and weight bearing enough to walk into my doctor's appointment on May 22. Stay tuned, I'll let you know how I progress.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Breaking... no, Healing news

Fresh from the doctor visit this afternoon - I am able to start weight bearing to my tolerance now. No waiting till May 3rd, the tibia is healing nicely and it is time to start giving it some weight loads. This on top of the news yesterday that the leg is bending to 88 degrees and is at a -10 degrees on straightening. Good news two days running.

A big thanks to Noel-Marie for taking me to and from Baltimore for the appointment today.

Okay, enough basking in the glow - back to work...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Report for the first week home

So, the week started with some real highs (home, guy, friends) and lows (fall, ER) and swiftly went to a mid-level range, thank goodness. Felicia stayed till 6pm on Tuesday helping problem solve, pick up a 2nd wheelchair, shop and in general make the transition to home much easier. She also came up with the method for getting me in and out of the house while I am using a wheelchair. By the time I get out and back in I'm exhausted, and my helper who is wrangling a wheelchair is pretty well worn out as well. However, it works and has minimal risk of a fall.

The week has gone quickly with PT on M, W and F. A schedule which will continue for the foreseeable future and should. Both my PT and myself were able to talk with my insurance case manager about my being sent home perhaps a bit soon. I hope it has them take a look at their policies and rethink the decision process. The fall on Sat could have gone bad in so many ways, it was good fortune that it ended with a bruised shoulder, scraped knee and little more.

Sadly, while the computers are all talking together they all seem to be talking different languages. So my work is still being done only on the laptop I had at the rehab center. Nor have I been very productive this week, it is taking far longer to get settled in than I had anticipated. Ah well, this to shall pass.

So, off to work, and yes I am very fortunate to work for myself out of my home with so many fantastic clients. I don't know how I will ever be able to thank them for being with me through this journey. Nor how I will ever be able to thank all my friends who have come along for this ride, helped out, lent support, given support. I am a fortunate person truly blessed with a full life.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


So, a report from the first 24 hours back home. Well, it started with the excitement of a fall which on the day after seems to have no further effect than giving everyone involved some stress and excitement. My sister, Felicia, and brother, Keith, stayed the evening. The move from the rehab center went well with help from Karen and Steve. We made a stop at CVS where I got my exercise walking in to hand in the scrips for all the meds that are part of my life right now. Sadly they only had five days worth of the Lovanox so I need to go back and pick up the rest.
After thetrip to the emergency room the first bit of settling in went well with help from Mary Lou and Carolyn as we sorted through what I needed. Mary Lou and Keith did a great job of bringing things down from upstairs and getting the office area all set up for me. Carolyn took on the monumental task of trying to clean up the dust from all the construction. She worked on it Friday and Saturday and I am thankful as there are no clouds of dust as one moves through the house downstairs. After Carolyn and Mary Lou had both left Keith started work on plumbing and things he needed to do. Later Felicia went to the Common Market to gather some food from the soup/hot bar for dinner. As we ate we discussed plans for the evening and the following days. I was also introduced to my guard dog, if you come to visit I will be certain to introduce you as well.

Today Felicia and Keith brought in tables and chairs from over the garage so that I will be able to host the Frederick South game days for a few months till I regain some independent mobility. I was also shown the exercise bike :-( Keith bought for me which will allow me to exercise and strengthen my arms and good leg. However I was exhausted today and so spent much of the day sleeping. Guy is due back home around 7pm and after he gets back and a bit settled in we will head out for some dinner and some shopping of groceries and such.


Saturday, March 31, 2012

And she's home already!

Hurrah, no damage, Leslie is back home already, she fell as well as can be expected.

Oh No! Set Back!

Just a quick note, Leslie fell on her move home, she was not ready.  She is in the ER at Frederick Memorial Hospital.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Moving Day is coming

Just had a chat with the cordinator here. She let me know that they like folks to have cleared out by noon (hmm, aren't there some westerns with that?) Soooo, having spent over two months accumulating things here - who would like to help me vamoose? I don't know that I'll need a lot of help except that I have my executive office table setup which is going to require a van with a good bit of space or a truck. Seems on the heavy side to me so probably don't want to lift it a great deal up. There is also the platform walker which is skinny but long. The rest of the stuff might require a large car or van, and then there is me. If there is leg room I can likely do a front seat, just can't really bend the leg greatly - yet.

Wow, it's been a week

Well, the days do blend together here. However, yesterday was completely different. That's right, yesterday I went for a home evaluation visit! The house is fantastic!! A big thanks to all the folks who came and helped, and a huge, ginormous thanks to Keith for coordinating, doing, envisioning the work.

We started off from Walkersville with a transport wheelchair, crutches, and a walker. I need to get my leg less surface sensitive as it was cold on the legs while wearing shorts. At home I used the wheelchair from the parking area up to the front porch, then the crutches to get to the steps and then... yep, turned around and sat down on the top step. Got up on a box, then back into the chair. I did use the crutches to get in the door and to walk around in the lower part of the first floor. Yes, I am uncomfortable on crutches - mostly mental. I hope I become more confidant on them as time goes by. I'll probably use the wheelchair in the upper half of the floor.

The bathroom is awesome - what a shower! And it's purple! The bathroom walls, not the shower, silly.

There are a few items still to acquire for my use once home but it is official. I am approved for release on Saturday the 31st.

So, if you want to visit me at Walkersville, the clock is ticking...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Latest Update on Homecoming

I will be visiting my home on the 27th to do a Home Evaluation Visit. This allows the therapists to see my home, see whether I can function within it, make suggestions for any items which might be useful once I'm in residence, etc. If all goes well then I will most likely be discharged to Home on the 31st. Home has been explained briefly to me as "You are at home except for essential trips, such as doctor visits. You have in-home therapy visits and you have a set of therapy exercises you are expected to complete." I know while I am on my pain medications I will not be driving myself anywhere.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Possible Uh-Oh

"Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death." Harold Wilson

The quote was in our daily chronicle for today.

This morning had a visit from Laura to let me know they had received an email from the insurance company setting a discharge date of 3/21. Yes, that is this coming Wednesday.

I spoke to one of the primary therapists on my case and she confirmed that they didn't really feel confident I was ready for discharge. She also suggested I call my case manager at the insurance company to discuss concerns with her. In addition, the rehab center is putting together a counter-proposal which involves a home evaluation on the 27th.

So I'm asking all of you to either hope that the insurance company delays the discharge or I quickly become proficient on stairs with crutches.

Beyond that, I am actually starting to reduce the amount of pain meds I take as the pain is reducing slowly.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Just finished therapy for the day. Walked with crutches, sat down on and got up from a sofa; used crutches to hop onto a 2" block twice, then a 4" block twice; and then worked on range of motion on the knee. Worked up quite a sweat, now icing the knee and then to work.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Jumping around on Friday

Hi all, it has been a busy week as crutches are introduced into therapy. When I get released and move home I will need to be able to navigate steps, which requires crutches. So this week I have been learning/practicing how to get around on crutches. I am a long way from confident or adept on them but I haven't had a yip moment the past two days. For those wondering, a yip moment is when you involuntarily yip as you momentarily lose balance, startle yourself and regain your balance with the help of those around you. I have gained a deep appreciation for gait belts during this week, they have kept me upright more than once.

The past two days have introduced jumping up onto blocks while using parallel bars. We started with two inches and progressed quickly to 4" and 6". Today was an 8" block and I would just like to say that that is a big jump one-legged. I am certain that once my left leg is a bit less swollen and more flexible this jumping will likely be a bit easier. Nor will I be spending part of my attention on how to keep it out of the way. We did try actual four inch steps early on, and I was very thankful for the multiple helpers as they kept me from pitching forward when my foot didn't quite clear a step on the down.

As my therapists work to increase my standing time we have been doing many things. One of the more enjoyable is playing the board game Sequence. I have also heated a "meal" in the microwave, "eaten" it and cleaned up afterwards. I have also folded laundry, done item retrieval in the kitchen area and some other items all designed to increase my single leg stamina. Who knows, perhaps when this is over I'll be able to hop buildings with the right leg.

Well, that's it for now, hope everyone has had a good week.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Kitty visits and other things

Happy coincidence, we came to visit Leslie at the same time as the famous Guy (her familiar, companion and cat) I had never met him before, what a great personality!  Although he is trying to make a break for it, between sniffing around the room and seeing Mama for the first time in 2 months, leaping up on the funny crank up bed, and generally charming all who he encounters, we did discover the door here doesn't actually latch, so all you late night visitors to Leslie, take note.  Well, Guy has an ingrown toenail and is going to the vet tomorrow.  More on Leslie now.  She is out of the immobilizing brace and sporting quite the gnarly, bodacious scar thanks to those three surgeries (full disclosure - it was there all along, but we could not see it before), but moving, a little walking, solo trips to the john (now *that's* freedom)...  

She enjoyed an excellent weekend with her gaming friends and in the knowledge that her house was enjoying a work party under the firm if reticent guidance of brother Keith - I hear I'm mistaken, and he was downright loquacious!  But, we have also discovered the first need for the money that you all have so generously donated (looking at about $4700 so far!), besides transportation for Leslie, transportation for goods and materials to her house to get it ready for her to move back into is all being handled by Keith's (overtaxed) truck, it needs some work, so that's the first chunk, looks like about $1500 will get it back on all four wheels...

So, we switched widgets and are looking for donation testers, if you've been thinking you would but haven't until now, now is the time to see if the switch we made worked.  You shouldn't notice any difference, but your donation goes directly to Leslie, I am no longer the middleman (and just in time, that ticket to Barbados was looking pretty good...)

Anyway, it's a long post. keep the love and attention coming.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday and Sleep

Took a day off from therapy and did some client work, some house cleaning, and some sleeping. Looking forward to Guy coming to visit tomorrow evening for a couple of hours.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday andThings that go bump

As the days go by and I realize how far I have come, and how much further I have yet to go, I dream of designs for a tattoo for the knee. To avoid the appearance of a giant millipede crawling up my leg - or enhance it?

Family and staff had a care conference today to go over what has been going on, introduce all the parties, get questions answered and concerns addressed. My stay at Glade Valley has been approved through March 15th, so BlueCross must feel I am making sufficient progress to justify the stay, and am not yet ready to be released without the very real risk of further injury. I heartily concur with this assessment, We did find out that the best we can hope for is a few days notice for a release date, that it is not unheard of for 24 hours notice. The OT staff here is interested in doing a home visit, but want to wait till they feel confidant I can do stairs.

Today I walked on crutches twice, both times for 30 feet. I say walked but this is not the free swinging move you may have seen others use. This is the "move the crutches out a bit and hop the leg out to them" move. I'm just not certain enough of my balance and strength yet to go further. We also worked on range of motion of the knee - whew, that took it out of me. I'm sure there is a lot of scar tissue in there to break up, and some very stiff muscles.

I have bumped the leg a few times and been reminded of just what I'm dealing with.

Keith has been working on the house quite a bit, and with Felicia, Paul and Cam's help this past weekend got quite a bit accomplished. He is planning to work on it this weekend as well as he is concerned that it be ready to move in when I get released. If you are interested in helping out please let him know. He is the first to admit that he does poorly at coordinating a lot of folks with a lot of work, so if you have specific skills you would like to offer that would be helpful information for him. keithwins@gmail.com

I am working although it goes more slowly than I had thought it would. This is due in part to computer glitches, and in part to body hitches. I am learning that when it comes to therapy you can really wear yourself out in just an hour. I had thought that while I might have a sore muscle I would still be able to work. This is not always true I have discovered. There are times when the best I can do is try to find a position where the ice pack stays where needed while the pain eases. I keep plugging along though.

Some folks will be coming out this Saturday to Walkersville to play board games starting around 1pm and continuing till somewhere around 9pm. It's nice to get some mental stimulation and a slew of visitors as well. Any and all are welcome.

Well, I think that's it for the updates. Hope you all are well and enjoying the adventure you are on.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Wow, tried crutches today - bit unsteady (OK, really unsteady when stepping). Sure not ready to depend upon them.

Shirt Found!!!

The dance shirt was found! It had fallen out of laundry bag in closet. Not sure how it happened, but it's been found. Yay!!!! And I am reminded to not make assumptions about anything!

Monday, March 5, 2012

More Monday Musings

Today started with some heavy therapy, an hour of weights and endurance for the arms and shoulders. This was followed very quickly by PT having me use the walker to walk from near my room to the therapy room. Seems like I might be developing tendonitis in the right shoulder. Thankfully tomorrow has short therapy sessions separated by hours. Ah well, I'll keep plugging along. The leg and the arms are getting stronger, but I expect to be here for another month at least.

My sister, nephew, and her boyfriend were down to help Keith work on the house. Her report indicates a lot of work needs to be done before the house will be ready for me. Keith is working hard but as with many home projects you seem to take two steps backward for any planned step forward. It is also an old house so each bit of work takes 2 to 3 times longer than you would anticipate. So it's a good thing that I'll be here for a bit.

One bit of sad news is the disappearance of the dance tank Penelope gave me. I have a friend who has offered to do my laundry from hereon to prevent further disappearances. I suspect the shirt ended up going home with someone as it would be rather obvious if worn here that it was my shirt.

Happy notes - found out that we have access to a microwave. So, once we get the popcorn my roomie and I can have a night at the movies. We watched Alice in Wonderland (new version) last night which started the round of questions and plans. They have some big screen TV's here, perhaps we'll get around to organizing a night at the movies for a number of folks. See what we can get away with. :-)

Hope all is going well out there. Saw posts on some great dancing over this past weekend, as well as some great gaming. I know lots of my friends had some good times relaxing. I look forward to joining in later this year.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Progress Report

My knee flexibility has been measured and with some effort I can bend it 42'. Therapy is working to continue strengthening the right leg and improve my flexibility in the left. The leg is still swollen and that seems to be one of the main factors limiting movement.

For those of you who take getting up and going to the bathroom for granted - hah, I was able to do that today - well, not for granted, and a walker was involved, and a spotter - but still - I made it. Who knew a bathroom and toilet could produce such a thrill.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Last Tuesday Tidbit

So, Felicia, Paul, Cam, and Zoe sent me an edible arrangement - looked beautiful - I've made a big dent in it already cause you know I don't want it to go bad. If you visit I'll share, if there is still any left that is.

Made it Back the same day!!

I am back at the rehab center. Dr. Nascone is happy with how it is healing and has given the go ahead for range of motion exercise. Nor do I need to wear the brace any longer so all may see the scars, just ask if interested.

Ran into Megan while waiting for the transport back, nice surprise.

On a sad note Keith has managed to injure himself while working on the house and will be working at a slower pace. On a glad note my sister, Felicia, and family will be coming down this weekend to help out on the house.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Doctor Appointment Tomorrow

Well Tuesday will start with occupational therapy at 7:10am, continue with physical therapy at 8:40am and then leave for Baltimore at 10:30am. Hopefully I'll be back in Walkersville tomorrow afternoon to let you know how it all went. Wonder if I could stop in and see Robin for some mental tics I'm sure I've developed - rehab on a tropical beach sounds pretty good.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Word from the Tibia

There has been self-directed movement. You heard right, the entire left leg has moved both vertically and horizontally under the direction of Leslie. Look Ma, no hands. If you ask I'm sure you can see this amazing feat!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Twiddles

Hey there all, had lots of visits yesterday, clients and friends, and rather wore myself out. Appreciated all the visits, Mike and others, and the chance to chat about life outside of these walls. Thankfully the doctor upped the quick response pain reliever so I got a good night's sleep and was able to do some therapy today. Didn't do any walking of significance today but the upper body got a good workout. Only had one visitor today which was restful.

My roommate Sue went home this morning, she had been declaring since Friday she was ready to go. She was happy to be heading out. I enjoyed meeting many of her family and getting to know her a bit. I have a new roommate, Gina, who fell at home. Thankfully she broke nothing, but she has some bad bruising and is stiff and sore.

Working has proven a tad more challenging than I imagined. I still have notes which aren't in the system for some of my clients, and getting finished work from the house to me needs a good bit of thinking on my part as I can't really store supplies here. I am pressing on and do anticipate a point in the future when I can state the system is up and running.

Today had a few challenges on pain due primarily to all the exercise I did. Although I did learn that if I ask for pain meds and don't get them with 10 minutes to let the aide know I need to talk with the nurse. Apparently one of the aides has difficulty with which nurse is working which rooms. I do understand the ease one could get confused as the halls are usually a bustle of activity.

For those of you, and myself, who appreciated Penelope's posts and phrasings - oh well - now you know why I'm an accountant rather than a writer.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Settling In Again in Walkersville

Pretty well settled in again, things sorted out and stowed away.

Seems like I may have left out some details of the last trip to Baltimore. It was a followup visit from the surgery on the 2nd to rebuild the tibia. I anticipated some xrays and I would be returning to Walkersville.

Instead, they opened up the bandages, saw the seepage and the entire appointment focused on that. The stay this past week was to clear things up, take some cultures to check for infection, and hopefully get the incision to heal up. The cultures came back negative, the last two changes have shown no seepage, so it seems the stay did what was needed.

I am due to go back on the 28th and I have no idea if they will be checking on the incision or the bone. However I have a bit over a week to do my therapy and strengthen the rest of me.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Home again, home again, again!

So, as previous posts let you know, an anticipated one-hour follow-up visit with the surgeon turned into a 3-night stay (no dogs, darn) with some minor surgery to do some clean-up.

While there a very nice dancer name of Eliot (hopefully I spelled correctly) came by and loaned his cell phone charger. Sadly I then discovered that due to all the electronics there really wasn't any good reception. I have a charger that needs returning to Eliot - I did not think to give it to either Perry or Jeff to return at the Wednesday night dance. Eliot is a regular at Lovely Lane and once dancing again I plan to get there and request a dance with him.

As mentioned I also had a visit from Jeff Myers who loaned me his spare Kindle, and once I finish exploring his library I'll have to explore what else this Kindle has to offer. It certainly is of lighter weight than many books I read. Although I do have a bag of books I also plan to read. All while doing therapy, working, and dealing with how long it takes to do the simplest items. Whew, no wonder I get tired, rather like a puppy I go crazy busy for some period of time and then crash - all while usually flat on my back!!

I returned to Glade Valley late Friday and spent most of Saturday getting settled in again, this time in room 220A - no more 221B Baker Street. Perhaps my destiny is to stay in each room here, at least the rehab rooms? I am again available for visits. Thank you for all the cards, kind wishes, donations - for being you!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Contacting Leslie, a quickie update

So, Leslie's phone is charged, but cell reception is terrible.  She can be reached on her room phone 410-328-4999.

She's allowed 2 visitors at a time, and I think they do enforce that, so call ahead.  She's in room Stasha.  (Okay, okay, it's really STA 6A) Still up at UMMC (Baltimore).

Likely to head back to Walkersville, to rehab, tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bump in the Road

So, that routine check-up, mild concern, and minor surgery have become another two night stay in UMMC hospital for our heroine.  I was going to link to the wiki article on "wound V.A.C." here, but there's a horrifying picture, so look it up at your peril!

The upshot, Leslie is admitted at least to Friday and the worst part, now this is truly horrible, her cell phone is OUTTA JUICE!!!

So if you happen to be near UMMC Shock and Trauma with a standard mini plug charger (the round-y kind), please pay a social call on Miss Leslie, so she can see you and charge her phone...

And please do go see here, Keith says she's a bit down, no surprise.  :(

An important message and update from Keith, Leslie's brother.

Leslie went in for her 12-day post-surgery check-up Tuesday, and the surgeon was a little concerned about some slow healing on a small section of the incision. They decided to check her in, with a small follow-up surgery scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday. She'll be back at the rehab center in Walkersville later Wednesday, I suspect.

She'll probably be back online Wed evening or Thursday, I'd guess. Overall, she's doing well IMO, and her healing is going smoothly.

As some people know, we're doing a bunch of work on her house to make it more amenable to her living there. I am thinking of a little work party in about 2 weeks... but I am concerned about setting up a situation that requires more coordination effort than I have to spare. So anyone with decent construction skills who'd like to volunteer 4 or more hours can contact me to see when it might make sense to rope you in. Please don't feel obligated, but also don't offer if you don't have a significant chunk of time... Probably later, there'll be chances for simpler contributions of effort for those without developed construction skills, or smaller chunks of time. I have a craftsy kinds of thing that someone could do at home, I think, that would take a few hours...

If you contact me, let me know your availability, skill set, what tools you would bring if any, and any other pertinent information. Keep it on the terse side, if you don't mind, I'm sorta busy.

Thanks for everyone's support, all the visits and calls have contributed to Leslie's indomitable spirit I think.


just leave a comment if you don't know how to contact Keith and I will forward your message to him.

Also: we have hit $3000.00 in donations, thanks, thanks, thanks!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Musings

As Monday draws to a close I lay in bed and look back on a day full of accomplishments. I used the walker 3 times today for a total walk of 120 feet, no left leg; used the toilet twice; actually completed a client's return including printing it. This is the time of day I reflect on what has gone on and what I am learning. Perhaps one of the most overwhelming items I have learned is the number of wonderful people I have within my life, and have continued to meet. The adage to not take things for granted has certainly been proved true - who knew the amount of excitement generated by using the toilet once you are over an age. That you don't know what you can do until you try, I started the day hoping I could use the parallel bars a bit more and quickly graduated to the walker. I am managing to go more hours between pain medicine doses and the swelling is way down. I go to see the surgeon tomorrow after both my therapy sessions so I'll turn in early tonight as the day will start early and strong. I know I still have a long way to go before I get to dance again, but as I say "I'll be dancing the day after I walk." To all I have met, and those I haven't - enjoy the path of life you have been given.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Leslie Says:

Saturday was a busy day, the Frederick South Games Group met at Glade Valley rehab at 1pm and we played games till after 8pm.  This after I had full Occupational and Physical Therapy in the morning.    I did manage to stay in the wheelchair for the afternoon and even won a game, probably due to the pain meds letting me play a more surprising game.  It was great to see and visit with Eric and Laura, Nancy and Alison, Debbie, and Jack.  What was even nicer was that I didn't need piles of painkillers for the night.  I am taking it  a bit easy this day to let the swelling continue to reduce.  Kevin has been by and dropped off some books to read,some coffee to sip, and some visiting/chatting on a wide range of topics.   Big news for Sunday - I managed to give myself a pretty full wash-up (still can't reach the left foot) and dress myself, so patted myself on the back.  In not-quite leaps and bounds I am recovering and am looking forward to becoming more mobile.  I go for the follow-up appointment on the 14th to discover how satisfied the surgeon is with my healing.

Further notes, My fantastic brother Keith was by with a new bedside hospital type table with the sliding tops, drawer space, and a bolted on second monitor which I am using right now with the laptop.  I confess it may look a bit more like an office in here than a rehab room. 

I am thankful for the creativity and forethought so many have shown as I travel this path.  Long before I have a thought of a need someone has determined I will have the need, and started work on a solution.  This blog is a wonderful example of that very precept.

Penelope says: 2 more things
Leslie will be posting directly and I will keep posting, but less.
and your generosity has amounted to ~$2150.00 Which is stunning, beautiful and fantabulous!

Friday, February 10, 2012

more direct from our Heroine

I have thrilled and excited myself (please, out of the gutter).  During physical therapy on Friday I managed to take 4 "steps" on the parallel bars.  The progress is amazing - only two days ago I couldn't even bear to have my left leg vertical for more than a few seconds.  Planning to spend a good bit of time in the wheelchair on Saturday and Sunday working on the ability to be vertical.  Later on Friday I was able to actually work on a client file for a few minutes - took over an hour for the tax software to update.  So visible progress on two different areas.  I've had visits from quite a few folks and it's been wonderful to catch up.  Most who come say I'm looking pretty good - although they haven't commented on what they are comparing.  Life is good and an adventure.  I'm not suggesting you join me on this path but I would love to hear from you.  Thank you for all the cards, well wishes, healing thoughts, prayers and thoughts.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dateline: Frederick Memorial Hospital - Wednesday

On our way to visit Leslie today and called to see if we could bring Maggie (the wonderpup) to find she's not at Glade Valley but has been ambulanced to FMH with {OH NO!} chest pains!  Well, fear not, by the time they got her loaded into the ambulance and carted over the chest pain subsided but they decided to CATscan and admit her.  Currently bedside in the ER with Leslie while they shoot her up with Dilaudid (whoopee) and find her a bed for the night.

Upshot, no visit to rehab if you were planning one, come find her at FMH.

So why are we staying at the hospital? Some blood tests are prescribed and the outcome/results would not be available until 6 or 8 hours after... and, of course, better safe than sorry.

Ahhhhh, the continuing saga. And here's an off topic (slightly) funny bit, our hero is under the care of <smirk> Dr. Pepper...

Dilaudid has kicked in, Leslie is waxing eloquent about the hotties here.

Also - More about the surgery last Thursday, come to find that UMMC shock trauma sees this kind of thing once or twice a year... that's how severe it was.

Also ~$1500.00 Thanks!

Monday, February 6, 2012

And they moved her, as promised

Got an update from Keith (Leslie's brother) yesterday evening.  Leslie is back in Walkersville in rehab and ready for visitors.  The pain seems better managed but at a higher dose...  We are optimistically conjecturing that the reason the pain was so out of hand was also the more dire need for the second surgery; that bone chip that was not properly placed in the first surgery.

Anyhoo... Leslie has had a night at Walkersville and is settled in, I believe, for the near-term, long-haul of recovery, she still must keep the leg weightless (as Bill Amos quipped "she doesn't have a leg to stand on") and will start therapy soon.

The next big thing - until someone tells me otherwise - is a trip back to UMMC Shock Trauma for clinic hours with the orthopedist there.  I think that's a week from tomorrow or Thursday (the 14th or 16th) and we should know more then, but that's it for now.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

48 to 72 hours in surgical recovery...

I'm afraid you read that right.  Our hero is in Baltimore at UMMC Shock Trauma, after undergoing a five hour surgery, Leslie is still in surgery recovery, she has not been moved to a room.  :(  Just for reference, her surgery was Thursday morning, it's now Saturday evening.

Leslie is in a lot of pain, the surgery was very invasive.

So here's the weird (to me) part.  UMMC seems pretty certain that Leslie is headed back to Walkersville tomorrow - Sunday.  I know, right?  Never moved to a room, but headed back to rehab.  The philosophy seems to be that since all they're doing is managing pain, that can be done at rehab as easily as at the hospital, that and they're short of beds.  So, gosh, a lot going on but little to report.  Big items: lot's of pain, lot's of wiped out Leslie, and call before you visit, if you were planning a trip to UMMC, I'll post as soon as I know she's moved for sure.

So just two more things - If you're a gaming friend of Leslie's and you're reading this please share it  on the lists or pages where you guys hang out.  I'm a dancing buddy, so I'm pretty sure I've got the dance community covered, but I know Leslie has this whole *other* life...


Over $1300.00 - you guys totally rock!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Good and Bad

Leslie is through the second surgery. It was a grueling five hour affair.  She is wiped out, but the doctor says it went well, better than he expected.  They took out all her new hardware and put in new, new hardware.  She is resting at UMMC Shock Trauma, which is where she'd gone for the second opinion on Tuesday - as you may recall.  More on that; when Dr. Desiderio recommended the second opinion, he also helped find the most qualified expert to give it, this is who performed today's surgery.  A pretty major reconstruction has taken place through a fairly invasive surgery. Leslie's is resting uncomfortably and needs sleep and nutrition.  After a few days  she should be back in rehab, but I don't have a lot of details yet, just that she's exhausted, the surgery went well, and we are all hopeful.

Here's a piece on finances - I mentioned that special transportation is spendy, here's how spendy: Round trip in a wheel chair - about $492, a one way stretcher trip (Leslie's only available mode right now) $790.

Your generosity to date: ~$1100.00!

(Every time I tell Leslie this she is so overwhelmed and feels so lucky and grateful!)

PS. Me too.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A post from our hero

Leslie writes:

"I am starting to consider a world tour to catch up with friends near and far, as you can see I've added Baltimore to the tour starting Thursday.  The show starts at 6am and will continue for an undetermined period of time.  I will be available for post-show get-togethers for some period of time afterwards.  Need to search You-Tube for waltzing wheelchairs, get some ideas for when I return to the Walkersville venue."

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Second Surgery Decision

So, our intrepid Leslie called from the medical transport on her way back from Baltimore Shock Trauma, she is having the second surgery first thing Thursday morning.  All the plates and pins will come out, her tibia will be rebuilt, then a few days of spa treatment hospital recuperating and back to Walkersville rehab.  So no visits there from Thursday til further notice, but if you do go before Thursday, and Leslie is in any position other than with her LEG ABOVE HER HEART, you must immediately encourage her to get in that position by any means necessary!  (bribes, threats, promises of undying love...)

In any case, the surgery is necessary, it will improve the current recovery and stave off the inevitable need for a (bionic!) knee in the future.

So that's all for now.

Generosity Update:  $550.00

Thank You Tuesday - You've given almost $350

Today Leslie gets her second opinion on her second surgery, so, today is the day to keep her in your thoughts.  The story of why this surgery may be needed, is that after the first surgery a little tibia bone chip refused to comply, and is not where it's supposed to be.  The two basic paths are fix it or leave it, the outcome of each is uncertain.  Fixing it may aid Leslie's current rehab - but it will set her a few weeks back, it's a less invasive surgery, but a surgery nonetheless.  It may also impact the need for a new (bionic!) knee in a few years down the road.  Leaving it could drag out rehab and increase the odds of needing a new knee sooner. (notice all the "could" "may" "might"? Yeah.) Anyway, Leslie's headed over to Baltimore Shock and Trauma (which should be the name of a hard core Contra dance band) today, and I'll post an update about that when I get one.

This brings me to another point, a few of you are wondering, what about the money thing?  So here's some chat on that.  Where does your money go? When you donate it goes to me (my Paypal account) and it says Leslie in the memo, when it's accumulated or she needs it, it goes to her.  It ALL goes to her, if she ends up not needing everything, she'll figure out what to do with it - I'm thinking a donation to the Society for Safe Dipping.  What it's earmarked for now, however, is transportation.  Every Time Leslie needs to go to a doctor outside of rehab, her trip from Sibley to Walkersville, today's jaunt to Baltimore, these all have to be in an ambulance or special transport.  This is very spendy! So, while (in answer to *other* questions) Leslie does have insurance, Leslie is working, and there's some supplemental insurance that covers a handful of things - transportation tops out at $5000, after that, it's all out of pocket.

Anyway, thanks for your donations so far, as I said in the post title your generosity in the first day is awesome, raising almost $350!

Please feel free to comment here, if you want to guest post - add your Leslie story, you saw her recently - want to add an update, you just let me know!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Leslie's Self Advocacy

January 23, 2012 Walkersville, MD.- Leslie is settled in rehab, if you can use the word "settled" about Leslie... She has a closet full of books, comfy light weight clothes, and her work computer.  Nope, Leslie is not going to let a little thing like immobility keep her from working.  It was very important to Leslie to get working again as soon as possible.  So many of us rely on her at tax season.

She also would like us to know that if you're visiting her, please bring a nice cup of good coffee!  Her coffee of choice is Starbucks, double regular, with 1/2 an inch for half and half and 4 sugars...

PS. I'm secretly very amused that she's in a town called "Walkersville," and think this is a good sign for her recovery!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Our Story Begins...

January 15, 2012 - Glen Echo Park, MD. Leslie has had a dancing accident, the result of which is the head of her left tibia is shattered! YIKES! She is rushed off to Sibley Hospital, where after nearly 24 hours, the good Dr. (Dr. Desiderio - the Ortho-surgeon dude) goes in and installs two plates and a number of pins.  A number between 2 and 7,004,987.

Days later Leslie goes to rehab, and here's where our story really takes flight, but first, do you know Leslie?  Are you one of the thousands of people she's danced with?  Are you one of the hundreds of people she's welcomed to the dance, with her big Leslie smile and her easy going Leslie attitude? Has she greeted you at the door?  Asked you (a total stranger) to dance?  Helped you find a lost thing, a carpool, a dance partner?  Do you game with Leslie?  ARE YOU LUCKY ENOUGH TO KNOW LESLIE?!?!?!?!

Leslie is the most amazing, honest, open, welcoming, bright, funny, upbeat, optimistic, sensible, independent, fierce, dancer/gamer/woman!

Leslie is at rehab, she must not put weight on her left leg for a while (think weeks, months), she'll be dancing in a wheelchair for a while, and this makes us feel sad, frustrated and like we'd like to do something.  While Leslie experiences her (we hope not too, but realistically) lengthy recovery, many unanticipated needs will arise and we all want to help Leslie!  Well I know I do, which is why I set this up...

Leslie has taken care of so many of us, in so many ways, it's now our turn to show her what the community she joined is really made of!

Leslie could use some crowdfunding coming her way, so, if you're so inclined - click the widget and help a dancer out!