Leslie at Rehab

Leslie at Rehab
Enough with the brace! Here's mah Kitteh!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Home again, home again, again!

So, as previous posts let you know, an anticipated one-hour follow-up visit with the surgeon turned into a 3-night stay (no dogs, darn) with some minor surgery to do some clean-up.

While there a very nice dancer name of Eliot (hopefully I spelled correctly) came by and loaned his cell phone charger. Sadly I then discovered that due to all the electronics there really wasn't any good reception. I have a charger that needs returning to Eliot - I did not think to give it to either Perry or Jeff to return at the Wednesday night dance. Eliot is a regular at Lovely Lane and once dancing again I plan to get there and request a dance with him.

As mentioned I also had a visit from Jeff Myers who loaned me his spare Kindle, and once I finish exploring his library I'll have to explore what else this Kindle has to offer. It certainly is of lighter weight than many books I read. Although I do have a bag of books I also plan to read. All while doing therapy, working, and dealing with how long it takes to do the simplest items. Whew, no wonder I get tired, rather like a puppy I go crazy busy for some period of time and then crash - all while usually flat on my back!!

I returned to Glade Valley late Friday and spent most of Saturday getting settled in again, this time in room 220A - no more 221B Baker Street. Perhaps my destiny is to stay in each room here, at least the rehab rooms? I am again available for visits. Thank you for all the cards, kind wishes, donations - for being you!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Contacting Leslie, a quickie update

So, Leslie's phone is charged, but cell reception is terrible.  She can be reached on her room phone 410-328-4999.

She's allowed 2 visitors at a time, and I think they do enforce that, so call ahead.  She's in room Stasha.  (Okay, okay, it's really STA 6A) Still up at UMMC (Baltimore).

Likely to head back to Walkersville, to rehab, tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bump in the Road

So, that routine check-up, mild concern, and minor surgery have become another two night stay in UMMC hospital for our heroine.  I was going to link to the wiki article on "wound V.A.C." here, but there's a horrifying picture, so look it up at your peril!

The upshot, Leslie is admitted at least to Friday and the worst part, now this is truly horrible, her cell phone is OUTTA JUICE!!!

So if you happen to be near UMMC Shock and Trauma with a standard mini plug charger (the round-y kind), please pay a social call on Miss Leslie, so she can see you and charge her phone...

And please do go see here, Keith says she's a bit down, no surprise.  :(

An important message and update from Keith, Leslie's brother.

Leslie went in for her 12-day post-surgery check-up Tuesday, and the surgeon was a little concerned about some slow healing on a small section of the incision. They decided to check her in, with a small follow-up surgery scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday. She'll be back at the rehab center in Walkersville later Wednesday, I suspect.

She'll probably be back online Wed evening or Thursday, I'd guess. Overall, she's doing well IMO, and her healing is going smoothly.

As some people know, we're doing a bunch of work on her house to make it more amenable to her living there. I am thinking of a little work party in about 2 weeks... but I am concerned about setting up a situation that requires more coordination effort than I have to spare. So anyone with decent construction skills who'd like to volunteer 4 or more hours can contact me to see when it might make sense to rope you in. Please don't feel obligated, but also don't offer if you don't have a significant chunk of time... Probably later, there'll be chances for simpler contributions of effort for those without developed construction skills, or smaller chunks of time. I have a craftsy kinds of thing that someone could do at home, I think, that would take a few hours...

If you contact me, let me know your availability, skill set, what tools you would bring if any, and any other pertinent information. Keep it on the terse side, if you don't mind, I'm sorta busy.

Thanks for everyone's support, all the visits and calls have contributed to Leslie's indomitable spirit I think.


just leave a comment if you don't know how to contact Keith and I will forward your message to him.

Also: we have hit $3000.00 in donations, thanks, thanks, thanks!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Musings

As Monday draws to a close I lay in bed and look back on a day full of accomplishments. I used the walker 3 times today for a total walk of 120 feet, no left leg; used the toilet twice; actually completed a client's return including printing it. This is the time of day I reflect on what has gone on and what I am learning. Perhaps one of the most overwhelming items I have learned is the number of wonderful people I have within my life, and have continued to meet. The adage to not take things for granted has certainly been proved true - who knew the amount of excitement generated by using the toilet once you are over an age. That you don't know what you can do until you try, I started the day hoping I could use the parallel bars a bit more and quickly graduated to the walker. I am managing to go more hours between pain medicine doses and the swelling is way down. I go to see the surgeon tomorrow after both my therapy sessions so I'll turn in early tonight as the day will start early and strong. I know I still have a long way to go before I get to dance again, but as I say "I'll be dancing the day after I walk." To all I have met, and those I haven't - enjoy the path of life you have been given.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Leslie Says:

Saturday was a busy day, the Frederick South Games Group met at Glade Valley rehab at 1pm and we played games till after 8pm.  This after I had full Occupational and Physical Therapy in the morning.    I did manage to stay in the wheelchair for the afternoon and even won a game, probably due to the pain meds letting me play a more surprising game.  It was great to see and visit with Eric and Laura, Nancy and Alison, Debbie, and Jack.  What was even nicer was that I didn't need piles of painkillers for the night.  I am taking it  a bit easy this day to let the swelling continue to reduce.  Kevin has been by and dropped off some books to read,some coffee to sip, and some visiting/chatting on a wide range of topics.   Big news for Sunday - I managed to give myself a pretty full wash-up (still can't reach the left foot) and dress myself, so patted myself on the back.  In not-quite leaps and bounds I am recovering and am looking forward to becoming more mobile.  I go for the follow-up appointment on the 14th to discover how satisfied the surgeon is with my healing.

Further notes, My fantastic brother Keith was by with a new bedside hospital type table with the sliding tops, drawer space, and a bolted on second monitor which I am using right now with the laptop.  I confess it may look a bit more like an office in here than a rehab room. 

I am thankful for the creativity and forethought so many have shown as I travel this path.  Long before I have a thought of a need someone has determined I will have the need, and started work on a solution.  This blog is a wonderful example of that very precept.

Penelope says: 2 more things
Leslie will be posting directly and I will keep posting, but less.
and your generosity has amounted to ~$2150.00 Which is stunning, beautiful and fantabulous!