Leslie at Rehab

Leslie at Rehab
Enough with the brace! Here's mah Kitteh!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

48 to 72 hours in surgical recovery...

I'm afraid you read that right.  Our hero is in Baltimore at UMMC Shock Trauma, after undergoing a five hour surgery, Leslie is still in surgery recovery, she has not been moved to a room.  :(  Just for reference, her surgery was Thursday morning, it's now Saturday evening.

Leslie is in a lot of pain, the surgery was very invasive.

So here's the weird (to me) part.  UMMC seems pretty certain that Leslie is headed back to Walkersville tomorrow - Sunday.  I know, right?  Never moved to a room, but headed back to rehab.  The philosophy seems to be that since all they're doing is managing pain, that can be done at rehab as easily as at the hospital, that and they're short of beds.  So, gosh, a lot going on but little to report.  Big items: lot's of pain, lot's of wiped out Leslie, and call before you visit, if you were planning a trip to UMMC, I'll post as soon as I know she's moved for sure.

So just two more things - If you're a gaming friend of Leslie's and you're reading this please share it  on the lists or pages where you guys hang out.  I'm a dancing buddy, so I'm pretty sure I've got the dance community covered, but I know Leslie has this whole *other* life...


Over $1300.00 - you guys totally rock!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Good and Bad

Leslie is through the second surgery. It was a grueling five hour affair.  She is wiped out, but the doctor says it went well, better than he expected.  They took out all her new hardware and put in new, new hardware.  She is resting at UMMC Shock Trauma, which is where she'd gone for the second opinion on Tuesday - as you may recall.  More on that; when Dr. Desiderio recommended the second opinion, he also helped find the most qualified expert to give it, this is who performed today's surgery.  A pretty major reconstruction has taken place through a fairly invasive surgery. Leslie's is resting uncomfortably and needs sleep and nutrition.  After a few days  she should be back in rehab, but I don't have a lot of details yet, just that she's exhausted, the surgery went well, and we are all hopeful.

Here's a piece on finances - I mentioned that special transportation is spendy, here's how spendy: Round trip in a wheel chair - about $492, a one way stretcher trip (Leslie's only available mode right now) $790.

Your generosity to date: ~$1100.00!

(Every time I tell Leslie this she is so overwhelmed and feels so lucky and grateful!)

PS. Me too.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A post from our hero

Leslie writes:

"I am starting to consider a world tour to catch up with friends near and far, as you can see I've added Baltimore to the tour starting Thursday.  The show starts at 6am and will continue for an undetermined period of time.  I will be available for post-show get-togethers for some period of time afterwards.  Need to search You-Tube for waltzing wheelchairs, get some ideas for when I return to the Walkersville venue."

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Second Surgery Decision

So, our intrepid Leslie called from the medical transport on her way back from Baltimore Shock Trauma, she is having the second surgery first thing Thursday morning.  All the plates and pins will come out, her tibia will be rebuilt, then a few days of spa treatment hospital recuperating and back to Walkersville rehab.  So no visits there from Thursday til further notice, but if you do go before Thursday, and Leslie is in any position other than with her LEG ABOVE HER HEART, you must immediately encourage her to get in that position by any means necessary!  (bribes, threats, promises of undying love...)

In any case, the surgery is necessary, it will improve the current recovery and stave off the inevitable need for a (bionic!) knee in the future.

So that's all for now.

Generosity Update:  $550.00

Thank You Tuesday - You've given almost $350

Today Leslie gets her second opinion on her second surgery, so, today is the day to keep her in your thoughts.  The story of why this surgery may be needed, is that after the first surgery a little tibia bone chip refused to comply, and is not where it's supposed to be.  The two basic paths are fix it or leave it, the outcome of each is uncertain.  Fixing it may aid Leslie's current rehab - but it will set her a few weeks back, it's a less invasive surgery, but a surgery nonetheless.  It may also impact the need for a new (bionic!) knee in a few years down the road.  Leaving it could drag out rehab and increase the odds of needing a new knee sooner. (notice all the "could" "may" "might"? Yeah.) Anyway, Leslie's headed over to Baltimore Shock and Trauma (which should be the name of a hard core Contra dance band) today, and I'll post an update about that when I get one.

This brings me to another point, a few of you are wondering, what about the money thing?  So here's some chat on that.  Where does your money go? When you donate it goes to me (my Paypal account) and it says Leslie in the memo, when it's accumulated or she needs it, it goes to her.  It ALL goes to her, if she ends up not needing everything, she'll figure out what to do with it - I'm thinking a donation to the Society for Safe Dipping.  What it's earmarked for now, however, is transportation.  Every Time Leslie needs to go to a doctor outside of rehab, her trip from Sibley to Walkersville, today's jaunt to Baltimore, these all have to be in an ambulance or special transport.  This is very spendy! So, while (in answer to *other* questions) Leslie does have insurance, Leslie is working, and there's some supplemental insurance that covers a handful of things - transportation tops out at $5000, after that, it's all out of pocket.

Anyway, thanks for your donations so far, as I said in the post title your generosity in the first day is awesome, raising almost $350!

Please feel free to comment here, if you want to guest post - add your Leslie story, you saw her recently - want to add an update, you just let me know!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Leslie's Self Advocacy

January 23, 2012 Walkersville, MD.- Leslie is settled in rehab, if you can use the word "settled" about Leslie... She has a closet full of books, comfy light weight clothes, and her work computer.  Nope, Leslie is not going to let a little thing like immobility keep her from working.  It was very important to Leslie to get working again as soon as possible.  So many of us rely on her at tax season.

She also would like us to know that if you're visiting her, please bring a nice cup of good coffee!  Her coffee of choice is Starbucks, double regular, with 1/2 an inch for half and half and 4 sugars...

PS. I'm secretly very amused that she's in a town called "Walkersville," and think this is a good sign for her recovery!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Our Story Begins...

January 15, 2012 - Glen Echo Park, MD. Leslie has had a dancing accident, the result of which is the head of her left tibia is shattered! YIKES! She is rushed off to Sibley Hospital, where after nearly 24 hours, the good Dr. (Dr. Desiderio - the Ortho-surgeon dude) goes in and installs two plates and a number of pins.  A number between 2 and 7,004,987.

Days later Leslie goes to rehab, and here's where our story really takes flight, but first, do you know Leslie?  Are you one of the thousands of people she's danced with?  Are you one of the hundreds of people she's welcomed to the dance, with her big Leslie smile and her easy going Leslie attitude? Has she greeted you at the door?  Asked you (a total stranger) to dance?  Helped you find a lost thing, a carpool, a dance partner?  Do you game with Leslie?  ARE YOU LUCKY ENOUGH TO KNOW LESLIE?!?!?!?!

Leslie is the most amazing, honest, open, welcoming, bright, funny, upbeat, optimistic, sensible, independent, fierce, dancer/gamer/woman!

Leslie is at rehab, she must not put weight on her left leg for a while (think weeks, months), she'll be dancing in a wheelchair for a while, and this makes us feel sad, frustrated and like we'd like to do something.  While Leslie experiences her (we hope not too, but realistically) lengthy recovery, many unanticipated needs will arise and we all want to help Leslie!  Well I know I do, which is why I set this up...

Leslie has taken care of so many of us, in so many ways, it's now our turn to show her what the community she joined is really made of!

Leslie could use some crowdfunding coming her way, so, if you're so inclined - click the widget and help a dancer out!