Leslie at Rehab

Leslie at Rehab
Enough with the brace! Here's mah Kitteh!

Friday, February 10, 2012

more direct from our Heroine

I have thrilled and excited myself (please, out of the gutter).  During physical therapy on Friday I managed to take 4 "steps" on the parallel bars.  The progress is amazing - only two days ago I couldn't even bear to have my left leg vertical for more than a few seconds.  Planning to spend a good bit of time in the wheelchair on Saturday and Sunday working on the ability to be vertical.  Later on Friday I was able to actually work on a client file for a few minutes - took over an hour for the tax software to update.  So visible progress on two different areas.  I've had visits from quite a few folks and it's been wonderful to catch up.  Most who come say I'm looking pretty good - although they haven't commented on what they are comparing.  Life is good and an adventure.  I'm not suggesting you join me on this path but I would love to hear from you.  Thank you for all the cards, well wishes, healing thoughts, prayers and thoughts.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dateline: Frederick Memorial Hospital - Wednesday

On our way to visit Leslie today and called to see if we could bring Maggie (the wonderpup) to find she's not at Glade Valley but has been ambulanced to FMH with {OH NO!} chest pains!  Well, fear not, by the time they got her loaded into the ambulance and carted over the chest pain subsided but they decided to CATscan and admit her.  Currently bedside in the ER with Leslie while they shoot her up with Dilaudid (whoopee) and find her a bed for the night.

Upshot, no visit to rehab if you were planning one, come find her at FMH.

So why are we staying at the hospital? Some blood tests are prescribed and the outcome/results would not be available until 6 or 8 hours after... and, of course, better safe than sorry.

Ahhhhh, the continuing saga. And here's an off topic (slightly) funny bit, our hero is under the care of <smirk> Dr. Pepper...

Dilaudid has kicked in, Leslie is waxing eloquent about the hotties here.

Also - More about the surgery last Thursday, come to find that UMMC shock trauma sees this kind of thing once or twice a year... that's how severe it was.

Also ~$1500.00 Thanks!

Monday, February 6, 2012

And they moved her, as promised

Got an update from Keith (Leslie's brother) yesterday evening.  Leslie is back in Walkersville in rehab and ready for visitors.  The pain seems better managed but at a higher dose...  We are optimistically conjecturing that the reason the pain was so out of hand was also the more dire need for the second surgery; that bone chip that was not properly placed in the first surgery.

Anyhoo... Leslie has had a night at Walkersville and is settled in, I believe, for the near-term, long-haul of recovery, she still must keep the leg weightless (as Bill Amos quipped "she doesn't have a leg to stand on") and will start therapy soon.

The next big thing - until someone tells me otherwise - is a trip back to UMMC Shock Trauma for clinic hours with the orthopedist there.  I think that's a week from tomorrow or Thursday (the 14th or 16th) and we should know more then, but that's it for now.