Leslie at Rehab

Leslie at Rehab
Enough with the brace! Here's mah Kitteh!

Friday, August 31, 2012

New mower assembled and tested, #7 down

The new electric mower arrived Tuesday, I finally took the time today to unpack and assemble it, find an extension cord and give it a try.  It worked well, as did I.  I think this is #7 on my top 10 list, still not half way to recovered but making progress.  Now to start getting the non-working gas mowers to the repair shop to get an opinion on fixing vs freecycle.  I also need to pick up a longer extension cord as 50' only gets me 25' out of the garage.  Why haven't I put in an electric outlet by the front where the light switch is?  I'll just add that to the to-do list.

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