Leslie at Rehab

Leslie at Rehab
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Moving Day is coming

Just had a chat with the cordinator here. She let me know that they like folks to have cleared out by noon (hmm, aren't there some westerns with that?) Soooo, having spent over two months accumulating things here - who would like to help me vamoose? I don't know that I'll need a lot of help except that I have my executive office table setup which is going to require a van with a good bit of space or a truck. Seems on the heavy side to me so probably don't want to lift it a great deal up. There is also the platform walker which is skinny but long. The rest of the stuff might require a large car or van, and then there is me. If there is leg room I can likely do a front seat, just can't really bend the leg greatly - yet.

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  1. The "executive office bed table" is an overbed table with attached monitor. The monitor can be removed pretty easily (a screwdriver I think), but the IMPORTANT issue is: as soon as an overbed table is picked up off the floor, the weight compensation springs make it spring to it's full size. So you want to strap/rope/clamp it to it's smallest size before you try to pick it up, whoever does that part.