Leslie at Rehab

Leslie at Rehab
Enough with the brace! Here's mah Kitteh!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wow, it's been a week

Well, the days do blend together here. However, yesterday was completely different. That's right, yesterday I went for a home evaluation visit! The house is fantastic!! A big thanks to all the folks who came and helped, and a huge, ginormous thanks to Keith for coordinating, doing, envisioning the work.

We started off from Walkersville with a transport wheelchair, crutches, and a walker. I need to get my leg less surface sensitive as it was cold on the legs while wearing shorts. At home I used the wheelchair from the parking area up to the front porch, then the crutches to get to the steps and then... yep, turned around and sat down on the top step. Got up on a box, then back into the chair. I did use the crutches to get in the door and to walk around in the lower part of the first floor. Yes, I am uncomfortable on crutches - mostly mental. I hope I become more confidant on them as time goes by. I'll probably use the wheelchair in the upper half of the floor.

The bathroom is awesome - what a shower! And it's purple! The bathroom walls, not the shower, silly.

There are a few items still to acquire for my use once home but it is official. I am approved for release on Saturday the 31st.

So, if you want to visit me at Walkersville, the clock is ticking...

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