Leslie at Rehab

Leslie at Rehab
Enough with the brace! Here's mah Kitteh!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Leslie's Self Advocacy

January 23, 2012 Walkersville, MD.- Leslie is settled in rehab, if you can use the word "settled" about Leslie... She has a closet full of books, comfy light weight clothes, and her work computer.  Nope, Leslie is not going to let a little thing like immobility keep her from working.  It was very important to Leslie to get working again as soon as possible.  So many of us rely on her at tax season.

She also would like us to know that if you're visiting her, please bring a nice cup of good coffee!  Her coffee of choice is Starbucks, double regular, with 1/2 an inch for half and half and 4 sugars...

PS. I'm secretly very amused that she's in a town called "Walkersville," and think this is a good sign for her recovery!

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  1. Leslie, I have an extra Kindle. Would you like it? - Jeff Myers