Leslie at Rehab

Leslie at Rehab
Enough with the brace! Here's mah Kitteh!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Second Surgery Decision

So, our intrepid Leslie called from the medical transport on her way back from Baltimore Shock Trauma, she is having the second surgery first thing Thursday morning.  All the plates and pins will come out, her tibia will be rebuilt, then a few days of spa treatment hospital recuperating and back to Walkersville rehab.  So no visits there from Thursday til further notice, but if you do go before Thursday, and Leslie is in any position other than with her LEG ABOVE HER HEART, you must immediately encourage her to get in that position by any means necessary!  (bribes, threats, promises of undying love...)

In any case, the surgery is necessary, it will improve the current recovery and stave off the inevitable need for a (bionic!) knee in the future.

So that's all for now.

Generosity Update:  $550.00

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