Leslie at Rehab

Leslie at Rehab
Enough with the brace! Here's mah Kitteh!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

An important message and update from Keith, Leslie's brother.

Leslie went in for her 12-day post-surgery check-up Tuesday, and the surgeon was a little concerned about some slow healing on a small section of the incision. They decided to check her in, with a small follow-up surgery scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday. She'll be back at the rehab center in Walkersville later Wednesday, I suspect.

She'll probably be back online Wed evening or Thursday, I'd guess. Overall, she's doing well IMO, and her healing is going smoothly.

As some people know, we're doing a bunch of work on her house to make it more amenable to her living there. I am thinking of a little work party in about 2 weeks... but I am concerned about setting up a situation that requires more coordination effort than I have to spare. So anyone with decent construction skills who'd like to volunteer 4 or more hours can contact me to see when it might make sense to rope you in. Please don't feel obligated, but also don't offer if you don't have a significant chunk of time... Probably later, there'll be chances for simpler contributions of effort for those without developed construction skills, or smaller chunks of time. I have a craftsy kinds of thing that someone could do at home, I think, that would take a few hours...

If you contact me, let me know your availability, skill set, what tools you would bring if any, and any other pertinent information. Keep it on the terse side, if you don't mind, I'm sorta busy.

Thanks for everyone's support, all the visits and calls have contributed to Leslie's indomitable spirit I think.


just leave a comment if you don't know how to contact Keith and I will forward your message to him.

Also: we have hit $3000.00 in donations, thanks, thanks, thanks!

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