Leslie at Rehab

Leslie at Rehab
Enough with the brace! Here's mah Kitteh!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Leslie Says:

Saturday was a busy day, the Frederick South Games Group met at Glade Valley rehab at 1pm and we played games till after 8pm.  This after I had full Occupational and Physical Therapy in the morning.    I did manage to stay in the wheelchair for the afternoon and even won a game, probably due to the pain meds letting me play a more surprising game.  It was great to see and visit with Eric and Laura, Nancy and Alison, Debbie, and Jack.  What was even nicer was that I didn't need piles of painkillers for the night.  I am taking it  a bit easy this day to let the swelling continue to reduce.  Kevin has been by and dropped off some books to read,some coffee to sip, and some visiting/chatting on a wide range of topics.   Big news for Sunday - I managed to give myself a pretty full wash-up (still can't reach the left foot) and dress myself, so patted myself on the back.  In not-quite leaps and bounds I am recovering and am looking forward to becoming more mobile.  I go for the follow-up appointment on the 14th to discover how satisfied the surgeon is with my healing.

Further notes, My fantastic brother Keith was by with a new bedside hospital type table with the sliding tops, drawer space, and a bolted on second monitor which I am using right now with the laptop.  I confess it may look a bit more like an office in here than a rehab room. 

I am thankful for the creativity and forethought so many have shown as I travel this path.  Long before I have a thought of a need someone has determined I will have the need, and started work on a solution.  This blog is a wonderful example of that very precept.

Penelope says: 2 more things
Leslie will be posting directly and I will keep posting, but less.
and your generosity has amounted to ~$2150.00 Which is stunning, beautiful and fantabulous!

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